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As a recently graduated (barley- I almost failed math) eighteen year old it is only natural that I reflect on my comfortable and very gaurded life, right? I was going to write about several life lessons I have adopted and formed in my short years but lately I have been focusing on just one that I want to share with you all.


Now I have no idea who is reading this, six to sixteen to sixty year olds, but I have found this quote to be so eye opening and humbling and am positive I will carry it with me for the rest of my life and pray that you guys will too.

To each his own. You do you. Or in my very modest words; who the fuck (sorry six year olds) cares what that person is doing or wearing or posting because they sure…

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Friday 12 June

I swear this week has gone so fast!

I just spent a good 7 hours looking at careers and university degrees and scholorships… I’ve narrowed my choices down now to either being a nurse or being a journalist. So that means I’ll have to go for a Bachelor of Nursing or a Bachelor of Arts 🙂 I think nursing is probably the best option though, but I’m not sure. I feel as though I might enjoy writing more but then again I might not? Nursing might give me such a good feeling helping other people and it will pay the bills too… I’ll actually get a job! Were with Journalism it’s not as likely. A bachelor of Arts would be so funn thouuuugh. Maybe I’ll do a conjoint degree? Will that make my degree not as good though?? Or maybe I’ll study for 6 years 😮 But then the friends I make will probably already be in their jobs and that would suuuck being so far behind. Ugh. Tbh I love planning my future though. It gives my life a purpose.

Sat 6 June

Omg I am actually so tired. Like you have no idea.

Had such a weird night last night! Was fun though! I felt really sad and I just felt like forgetting everything so I decided to get really drunk. Hmm. Ok what happend first was my parents and their friends got back from the pub and then I ended up having this huge dmc with my dads friend’s girlfriend… which was interesting hahahaha she was off her face as well. She kept giving me wine hahahahaa. Then I went down to my room and jumped my fence and ran to Sean’s… because he texted me and asked me if I wanted to come over for a cone. So yeah. Ran there, drunk as heeyl. Ended up having 7 cones… fricking Connor Rankin was there too. But yeah that happened. Then I woke up on Seans couch at 6am and walked all the way home freezing ma tits off hahaha. Got back into bed… slept for the shortest length of time… Then went with Alex to watch the rugby. Ended up sitting with her and Lilika and staying for 3 whole games… falling asleep… Finally walked home and went to bed!!!! Woah

Saturday 23 May

On Friday afterschool Atawhai came over! I was honestly freaking out soooo much before hand! Like all through bio I had that weird feeling in my stomach because I was so worried I wouldn’t know what to talk about with him… and I thought maybe it would be awkward?? And I was worried that walking home people would see us and think we had a thing… my school is very stupid like that. People make assumptions so easily. It ended up fine though! We ended up talking to Floyd and that for a bit so alot of the people at our school had gone home and wouldnt see us walk off and start rumours. Only the people that were on his bus saw us, but that didnt bother me at all!

Sooo yeah. At my house, wasn’t too bad! Maybe a little awkward at first, but I’m pretty sure everyone’s first time at my house is a bit awkward! Like they don’t know what to do and look pretty lost hahahaha. Getting to know him was fun though! I showed him this movie The Book of Life that I balled my eyes out to on the way to Rarotonga!  The website we watched it on was sooo glitchy though! Like aggggh. So we pretty much just talked through the whole thing! Then I couldn’t think of what to do with him so I was like uh do you want me to redo your tumblr?? I think that offended him a bit. I am so hopeless with new people… We then had a spa and talked about life! He told me that I seem like I am from Dunedin or something because I’m so chilled hahaha! He also asked me to come to Great Barrier Island wuth him and some friends!!

Todaaay I met up with Alex and we had a gym sesh! I ran 6k on the tredmill in 30 minutes woop woop! Felt so good after! We also figured out that we have the same birthday? Like whaaaat. How crazy is that. So weird!

Theeeen we got back and Lotta came oveer and we all had a spa in the rain which was real nice. It’s great because Lotta and Alex are both the kind of people that get along with most people if you get me! Like talkative and kick back pretty much! Alex theeen went home to go out with her Ma and it was a really rainy day so Lotta and I watched movies on the projecter.

We watched Narnia first which was actually soooo good! I love rewatching movies that I haven’t seen in ages! Then we watched one called Gone Girl. It was honestly sooooo messed up. Like it freaked me out so much and made me question the world…

Yup! Pretty much my day! It went pretty fast! I feel like life is going so fast at the moment it is really scaring me! I don’t want to get old! Hahahaha! I need to start living my life more!! I need to organise some adventures with people soon! I’m thinking like taking the Jetski out and going camping somewere private! Like on an island or something would be so amazing, with amazing people. I feel like my friend network is finally starting to build up a bit which I feel happy about! Woop woop 💕

Tuesday 19th May

So today … 

What even were the events of today…

I went abseiling!! Off Shakespares Cliff 🙂 Was pretty fun for the length that it lasted I would say.

Leroy brought up the Mobey thing from last year though infront of everyone which pissed me off quite a bit. I hate people bringing it up… it’s so embarresing. This sounds honestly so mean but I don’t think I would go that low again.

Like I am now going to have higher standards because to be honest that crush was pretty bad… in my defence I was about to commit suicide but hey even Jayden would have been a better choice than him!

Afterschool had Rugby… which was alrighttttt

Idk this girl in my rugby team makes so many sly comments that are farking horrible… I dont like her like at all. I dont get what here problem is honestly.

Like fuuuuuuck.

Main thing I dont like about sport is there will always be that one person in your team no matter what sport you play or team youre in that is like this.

I think Im just going to have to get over it.

Or fight back?

Prove her wrong?

Become better at Rugby?

To do that I actually have to try. I think I need to start watching some games and that and learn of the pros and just put more effort into my trainings!

Omgggg. I had the weirdest umm… internal conflict I’ll  call it the other night! Im starting to think that talking to Isaac and that is just so pointless like we hardly know eachother and I swear most of the things he is saying to me making me feel good is because he wants me to start liking him… like hes not saying them because he actually thinks them. I dont know.

I’m kinda talking to this guy Atawhai atm.

Talking in a friendly way ofcourse.

But I am preeeetty sure he is into me a bit.

He doesnt seem like the kinda guy that would talk tp every girl the way he talks to me… well with some things anyway…

He sent me this video! It was of a famous couple called Jay and Alexis! They travel the world together and go on all of these adrenaline junkie adventures.

This video got me thinking.

Atawhai is into downhill and pretty much anything outdoorsly like me… and he lives close. Goes to my school. Watching that video made me imagine us as a couple! It would be so fun! He has this whole kinda beachy, hippy edge to him aswell… like he’s into astrology and shops at opshops and things like that which arn’t very common in a guy at all.


I feel really bad though because he read my tumblr priorities and goals and things that I wrote on my tumblr in the summer holidays! Goals that included not wanting a guy… so hopefully he didnt take that too seriously. I’m a bit worried.

I want to become like bestfriends with him first though, like before anything… coz yano. I need to see what his real side is actually like and wether there is a connection or not… and to find these things out about a person I must get close to le person. 😮

He wants to hang Friday and watch The Book of Life but Im so worried Ill go all awkward and shy… and walking back from school too! People will see us and maybe start rumours and idk that freaks me out a bittttt. Ahhhhhh. Ill invest in my usual tactic and just not think about it till it happens… maybe discuss the matter with Ari. Or maybe Aimee. We’ll see.

Places I want to visit

Places I want to travel to:

St. Petersburg

South America
Rio de Janeiro
Buenos Aires
Galapagos Islands
Costa Rica
Argentine Patagonia
Machu Picchu
Panama City
Chilean Patagonia

Washington D.C.
San Francisco
New York City
San Diego
Jackson Hole
New Orleans

Bora Bora
Great Barrier Reef

Playa del Carmen
Puerto Vallarta
Cabo San Lucus

Victoria & Vancouver Island
Niagara Falls

U.S Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
St. Kitts & Nevis
St. Martin
St. Lucia
British Virgin Islands
Turks & Caicos
St. Barts
St. Vincent & The Grenadines

Africa & Middle East

Cape Town
Serengeti National Park
Abu Dhabi

Hong Kong

Goals atm 👍

➡ Get my learners & restricted 🚘
➡ Start taking physics 🚀
➡ Finish my book for English 📖
➡ Excellence the rest of my assesments 📑
➡ Finish learning the songs on guitar I have to 🎶
… Always on my Mind
… A Team
… Steal my kisses
… Riptide

5 goals. I CAN DO THIS!!!