Ship at the Airport

I wrote this piece of writing to show the power of love. How it is such a strong force, and creates such a strong connection between two people. I wrote this to show the concept that when that connection is strong everything feels right in the world, but when it is broken it can feel […]

It’s happening guys

This time. Shit is happening. I should probably set some goals. This is going to happen. -healthy eating/fitness -homework done -time management -socialable -not lazy -get $$$ I am going to track my progress towards these goals on here. By the time I get back to school I am going to be a new person!

Okay. I’m just going to be honest here. I feel as though I just can’t handle being single anymore!!! I’m obsessing over gossip girl at the moment and I shouldn’t be like this but I really want someone. I really want someone that likes me for me and treats me well. I am so fucking […]

Thursday 18 June

Omgggg had rugby training and my body is literally dieing. Excersise feels so good though. I should probably do it more often… go for more bike rides haha… today was goood! Had a chemistry exam first period but I think it went pretty well! Really really wishing for an excellence though. Like you have no […]


Is it really bad that Im kimd of in the stage were I dont want a boyfriend… or a person to have a thing with… I kinda just want heaps of close girl mates that will go out and drink with me and kiss hot strangers? That is the life I am craving so bad […]