Friday 12 June

I swear this week has gone so fast!

I just spent a good 7 hours looking at careers and university degrees and scholorships… I’ve narrowed my choices down now to either being a nurse or being a journalist. So that means I’ll have to go for a Bachelor of Nursing or a Bachelor of Arts 🙂 I think nursing is probably the best option though, but I’m not sure. I feel as though I might enjoy writing more but then again I might not? Nursing might give me such a good feeling helping other people and it will pay the bills too… I’ll actually get a job! Were with Journalism it’s not as likely. A bachelor of Arts would be so funn thouuuugh. Maybe I’ll do a conjoint degree? Will that make my degree not as good though?? Or maybe I’ll study for 6 years 😮 But then the friends I make will probably already be in their jobs and that would suuuck being so far behind. Ugh. Tbh I love planning my future though. It gives my life a purpose.


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