Sat 6 June

Omg I am actually so tired. Like you have no idea.

Had such a weird night last night! Was fun though! I felt really sad and I just felt like forgetting everything so I decided to get really drunk. Hmm. Ok what happend first was my parents and their friends got back from the pub and then I ended up having this huge dmc with my dads friend’s girlfriend… which was interesting hahahaha she was off her face as well. She kept giving me wine hahahahaa. Then I went down to my room and jumped my fence and ran to Sean’s… because he texted me and asked me if I wanted to come over for a cone. So yeah. Ran there, drunk as heeyl. Ended up having 7 cones… fricking Connor Rankin was there too. But yeah that happened. Then I woke up on Seans couch at 6am and walked all the way home freezing ma tits off hahaha. Got back into bed… slept for the shortest length of time… Then went with Alex to watch the rugby. Ended up sitting with her and Lilika and staying for 3 whole games… falling asleep… Finally walked home and went to bed!!!! Woah


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