Saturday 23 May

On Friday afterschool Atawhai came over! I was honestly freaking out soooo much before hand! Like all through bio I had that weird feeling in my stomach because I was so worried I wouldn’t know what to talk about with him… and I thought maybe it would be awkward?? And I was worried that walking home people would see us and think we had a thing… my school is very stupid like that. People make assumptions so easily. It ended up fine though! We ended up talking to Floyd and that for a bit so alot of the people at our school had gone home and wouldnt see us walk off and start rumours. Only the people that were on his bus saw us, but that didnt bother me at all!

Sooo yeah. At my house, wasn’t too bad! Maybe a little awkward at first, but I’m pretty sure everyone’s first time at my house is a bit awkward! Like they don’t know what to do and look pretty lost hahahaha. Getting to know him was fun though! I showed him this movie The Book of Life that I balled my eyes out to on the way to Rarotonga!  The website we watched it on was sooo glitchy though! Like aggggh. So we pretty much just talked through the whole thing! Then I couldn’t think of what to do with him so I was like uh do you want me to redo your tumblr?? I think that offended him a bit. I am so hopeless with new people… We then had a spa and talked about life! He told me that I seem like I am from Dunedin or something because I’m so chilled hahaha! He also asked me to come to Great Barrier Island wuth him and some friends!!

Todaaay I met up with Alex and we had a gym sesh! I ran 6k on the tredmill in 30 minutes woop woop! Felt so good after! We also figured out that we have the same birthday? Like whaaaat. How crazy is that. So weird!

Theeeen we got back and Lotta came oveer and we all had a spa in the rain which was real nice. It’s great because Lotta and Alex are both the kind of people that get along with most people if you get me! Like talkative and kick back pretty much! Alex theeen went home to go out with her Ma and it was a really rainy day so Lotta and I watched movies on the projecter.

We watched Narnia first which was actually soooo good! I love rewatching movies that I haven’t seen in ages! Then we watched one called Gone Girl. It was honestly sooooo messed up. Like it freaked me out so much and made me question the world…

Yup! Pretty much my day! It went pretty fast! I feel like life is going so fast at the moment it is really scaring me! I don’t want to get old! Hahahaha! I need to start living my life more!! I need to organise some adventures with people soon! I’m thinking like taking the Jetski out and going camping somewere private! Like on an island or something would be so amazing, with amazing people. I feel like my friend network is finally starting to build up a bit which I feel happy about! Woop woop 💕


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