Tuesday 12 May

Today wasn’t bad!

My skin is honestly breaking out so bad though! Caked my face with makeup this morning!

Going to the doctors yesterday was good! I’ve realised why Ive been feeling so dizzy lately and everything.

I was dumb and stopped taking my medication because I felt as though I was getting better and didn’t need it!

…. My body didn’t agree. On the plus side I took it this morning and already felt alot better throughout the day!

Finally finished watching Shindlers List in english! Watching it over and over again now for our internal. I really honestly wish we could just watch things like The Lion King for English. Why do we always have to watch such sad movies? They honestly get me down way too much.

Was meant to go abseiling for Outdoor Ed! So we went all the way out to the site and realised the tide was too far in so we couldn’t :'(:'( Instead we stood up on Shakespare’s Cliff watching the teacher tie knots and things… and well I occupied myself by taking photos…




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