Last few days

Okay so yeah had a pretty good weekend!
Spend most of it with Ari 🙂
Went to Chang Thai for dinner on Friday which was yum! Love that restraunt.



Afterwards went and watched Pitch Perfect 2! So hilarious. I tried looking all of the songs on the movie up afterwards but couldn’t find them. 😦 Those feels. I then got invited to a party at Liams… which was to take part on Saturday night! Aris mother actually let her for once! Oppurtunity to finally see my best friend under the influence. 😉 Was fun!!! Liams house is right on the beach and it is honestly amazing… his father had just shut down the restraunt joined onto his house so we went down into it and scavenged some of the icecream, mixed it with coke and vodka ;). We were all pretty cray and trashed his house but it was a fun night!!! Next morning went for a fun run with mother for mothers day!


Slept for the rest of the weekend recovering…


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