Tueday 5th May

I haven’t posted in so long! I would say its because Ive been super busy with homework but in reality I just get into bad habits… and idk I wasn’t sad or anything but I just wasn’t in the mood for writing a blog post….

Maybe it’s because I have been talking to this guy lately… his name is Isaac! I met him when I went to an OPC camp in the summer. I remember seeing hin around and thinking he was so cute! He then started talking to me through facebook like 2 weeks ago I think now! It’s honestly so nice! Like he complements me so often and calls me cute and says good morning, he texts me at school asking me how my day is going.. it’s making me so happy. I actually feel good about myself for a change and I hope I do the same for him too.

I don’t want to fuck this up…

He goes to St Pauls in Hamilton but he has a car so he’s gonna come down and see me as soon as he can! Not this weekend because it’s mothers day on sunday. That reminds me… I really need to do something for Mum…

I think he’s coming to my ball too which is pretty exciting! Hopefully I will be able to see him before then though!! If not it could be like our first date. Hehehehe.

I had a guitar lesson yesterday and I have decided that my goal is to learn 2 songs a week. So by the time summer comes I will know 40. It’s going to happen! I need to dedicate myself!

I also went Mountainbiking on saturday which was fuuuuun. Favourite sport ever I reckon!

I got back from the forest in Rotorua at 10.30! And went straight to my friends drinks for his bday. That was fun. We sorta just threw cards at each other. 😊

Today was good at school too! Like with friends and things it wasnt as bad as usual to be completely honest! So at the moment life is going pretty smoothly! Its not my perfect life but hey I can live with it how it is I guess.


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