Sunday 26 April 2015

Omg. Were do I start.
Okay so… I woke up quite early, had enough time to play on my guitar for a little bit before starting work. When I started it was fun! Made beds with Mum and made twenty dollars so that I could go out for lunch with “friends” okay. Not even joking. I really do not like that group. Like AGH. Dont get me wrong I love Lotta and Ari.. but the others. They are hardcore getting on my nerves so freakin much. You have no idea. Patrick is the worst!!!! He wont stop flirting with me and it is horrible. NO. I am not going there! I must sound honestly so horrible right now but blaggggh how does he not get it. Anyways enough with the negativity… it was good seeing Ari and Lotta! I bought a new lipstick and new lipliner for cheap as. I’m kinda thinking Im going to go back to my whole rockchick alt idek look again. It feels so much more me than how I’ve been dressing lately. I have no idea. I got home finally after spazzing at Cory and Patrick the whole way home because they were getting on my nerves so badley. Father, Mother and I then made our journey to Lukes Kitchen in Kuaotunu! Best night ever. Like I felt so so happy for a change. My friend that I met at the show (this nice old man, not creepy at all) lended me his guitar after we had been singing and that for a bit, and I took it down to the beach with Floyd, Ruby, Atawhai, Jarren and all them. We sat under the stars and played like every song we knew and it was just amazing. You have no idea. I was singing and I felt so good and Atawhai was like staring at me and idk that felt good and Jarren is so hot too… why do I always start liking guys so much younger than me? It is so weird honestly! It was just such a perfect night and I didn’t want to go home. I actually enjoyed myself for a change. I haven’t actually enjoyed myself like that in a long time. I wish I was closer with them. I’m going to try hang out with them as much as possible. I need to get out of the group I am in. It is honestly getting me so depressed and that is not okay! I am not sinking back into that whole again. Ever. Things are going to get better. They will.


– Such a bad picture, but at Lukes kitchen all you can eat buffet! It was no shit amazing.


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