Friday Morning

I managed to get up at 6.30am and decided to go for a morning walk to clear my head, but in the same time of clearing my head, loose myself in music and things that have a way of taking me right away from reality. My reality that I don’t really feel that happy or content with in this chapter of my life. Merely a chapter… I like to think of years as chapters, our life a book. Every day a page… and when you’re reading a book there are a mix of emotions, I think it would be almost impossible to find a book that did not have that plunge were the main character is not at their finest. Right now I imagine myself to be in that plunge right now and I know that eventually things will get better, even if they may be just starting to get worse… eventually they will pick themselves up again.
I wouldn’t know good if I did not experience the bad. Everything that is in life, everything that happens in life is there for a reason. It’s up to us to find the meaning of that reason and learn from it.
In a way I am happy.
I’ve walked to this place called “Lover’s Rock”. I really like it here. It’s the perfect place to just sit on a rock and take in your surroundings. It’s such a mysterious place. When I’m here I imagine the wars that once occured here, the history behind it and the strife it has gone through.
But in this moment in time it is beautiful.

The wind gently passes through the trees rustling their leaves. The water gently lapping onto the sandy shore which is decorated with shells. Rocks sitting cheerfully on the sand, a home for Neptune’s necklace to attach itself and birds flying past in the patchy blue and white sky. Birds singing their every morning tune. This place is so full of life.
It’s 7.42 now and I feel as if I really should be getting back so I am not late for my first class…
So that Ari does not have to feel alone outside the front of the school. I really hope today is brighter or even just more morally interesting than yesterday… but I can not just fast forward to those happy parts in my story yet if they are not yet to come.


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